If you love to waltz or polka to button box music. Button accordionist, Frankie Spetich is from Barberton, Ohio. Recordings, instructional books, and links to his radio show and email. His ethnic Cleveland-Style Slovenian polkas and waltzes. Arranger, entertainer, teacher, recording artist, and radio personality. Penn-Ohio Polka Pals, Man of the Year for 1999 is Frankie Spetich. Lifetime Achievement Award National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame. Compact Disc recordings. Button box and the Frankie Spetich Orchestra perform "Glass Slipper Polka" "Here Come The Polka Heroes - Volume 1." Steve Popovich and "our HERITAGE ...pass it on." On cassette tape are Frankie's recent releases, "Button Box Magic," "Frankie Spetich and Friends - At The World Affair" strong emphasis on button box accordions. "Slovenian Dream" celebrates the anniversary of independence for the nation of Slovenia, "Through The Years." Instructional books for the 3-row or 4-row button box guide the learner from the simplest basics playing "Happy Birthday". Frankie brings state of the art graphics to illustrate his unique approach to teaching correct melody and key regardless of bellows direction. Choose from 200 songs.